The Gila Livestock Growers Association, formerly Gila forest Permittee's Association, is a non profit, grazing organization, Our members ranch for a living and run cattle or support those who do on the Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico.

The purpose of this Web Site is to provide an educational forum for members of the of the Association, and educate the public about Federal Land users, their problems, their successes, and their history and their projects.

Please feel free to submit your Ideas for this site.

If you would like to join us in our battle to keep ranchers on the federal domain in business on federal lands you can send your dues as follows.

under 200 head $50.00
Two hundred head or more $75.00

Associate Member, $30.00 (no voting privileges)

You do not have to run cattle on a forest allotment to join.
Gila Livestock Growers Association
P.O. Box 111
Winston NM 87943

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