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Undue Influence  (Ron Arnold)

Looking Through the Smoke (Jinx Pyle)

Burning Rage  (Barry Clausen)


No Home on the Range (Caren Cowan)


History of Livestock Grazing in the Gila and SW New Mexico.

The following books are excellent reads and give an extremely good overview on ranch history in the Gila area. Some are out of print and may be found on the following websites.....              or or

Cowdust and Saddle Leather (Ben Kemp)

Meet Mr. Grizzly  (Montague Stevens)

Black Range Tales  (McKenna)

Recollections of a Western Cowman

More Recollections of a Western Cowman   (French)

New Mexico Recollections  (R. Schmidt)

Slash Ranch Hounds (Evans)

Bear Lion and Mustangs (Dines)

No Life For A Lady  (Cleaveland)

Triumph and Tragedy (Campbell)

Lyon Hunts and Humor  (Shorty Lyons)

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